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overdrive book by author david day

D. Michael Day

As a young man from a small trucking community, I took a long route in preparing for a career as a diesel truck technician. After earning my journeyman license as an auto mechanic, I soon found work at an International Truck Dealership and learned all the ins and outs of truck repair and maintenance and how to drive those big rigs. Next, I earned a Commercial Driver’s License and before long the owner of a small refrigerated fleet pulled into my bay with a gleaming new cabover with sleeper. I greeted him as he climbed down from the rig and told him, “Man I’d sure like to drive a rig like this.” He quickly replied, “Good. My driver just quit. The trailer’s loaded for Jacksonville, Florida. Get in it and go. I did. And for me, my passion for truck travels is now woven into fiction-my other undying passion- on the highways of North America. Welcome to my world. I truly hope you enjoy the ride.

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