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From a young age, I envisioned myself driving those large tractor-trailer trucks. I was about 11 or 12 years old when I received a camera as a birthday gift and immediately hopped on my bicycle and rode to the Heinz plant and snapped pics of the gleaming new cabovers. I was a shy kid and have never really grown out of it. Some would say I’m introverted and I would not deny it.

I spotted a bobtail truck tractor a street over that boasted a slogan on the back of the cab. It read, “Long sad nights that drift on memory, but the glorious abandon of unencumbered space.” I’m sure that’s a quote from someone somewhere, though I don’t know the source. But if any of you recognize it, (I may have a word or two wrong as I only recall the memory), please let me know how and where you found it. Contact me through my website contact form. I will endeavor to answer all and I welcome personal contact.

You likely read on my website how I finally got into diesel mechanics where I self-taught by cutting my driving teeth on road testing diesel trucks and buses. I was grandfathered into the Commercial Driver License program for truck mechanics, bypassing driver training. Something I would never advise. There is so much to becoming a professional driver. But I come from an age of much less technology and much fewer regulations. Get your training, it’s so worth it. 

If you’re a truck driver, you know it’s not all unencumbered space nowadays. But admit it, on sunny days when you leave out on a new trip, you feel like you’re in the rocking chair on the front porch of the world. It’s a purely invigorating feeling and you smile all day. 

I wrote mostly at truck stops, carrying a folding lawn chair under the sleeper bunk. When the weather turned, I wrote in the drivers lounge or the restaurant, so my novels have largely been written on the road, where I collected road stories across North America and wove them into fiction. I thank all those unknown drivers who unknowingly contributed to my fiction. But I assure you, the plots are all mine. 

It was not pirating. I changed all those stories and tales into my novels in order to entertain the reading people of the world. And that’s all I ever intend to do. To entertain readers through Action/ Crime Thriller novels. And with that, I give you a promise: I promise to bring you one new novel each year for as long as I can write and as long as I have the passion to do so which I’m certain will be a long time. You can count on me. 

A bonus for any and all readers: you can go to my website and click on about the books. At the bottom of that page you will find  button to click for a free download of OVERLOAD (the beginning) and read the entire book online. Enjoy.H

Happy motoring. And happy reading.

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